If you have already adopted a dog from Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds and you have any digital photos of them, we would be delighted to publish them in this page.  Please forward them in jpeg format to sirmichaeldemontfort@hotmail.com


When Dazzle was still at the kennel we always knew where she was.  She bounced and swirled and generally fitted her name.  Stan and Shirley from the Isle of Wight fell in love with her as soon as they saw her and whilst she still bounces and swirls, she now knows how to make herself very comfortable on the sofa.




Presley, like his namesake is a particularly cool chap.  He was adopted not long before the Portsmouth Stadium closed but since then has been wowing the judges at various dog shows, and he is obviously the apple of his family's eye.



Here are Buddy and Roxie relaxing on their first holiday in France.  Buddy was adopted by Felicity back in 2009 and with his easygoing  dispostion settled down in no time.  Roxie followed him 6 months later.  Roxie always was a more nervous dog and she's still nervous around strangers, but that doesn't stop her enjoying her life in retirement and she's always ready to start bouncing round when it's time for walkees.  Buddy is now a PAT (Pet's as Therapy) dog where he's bringing joy to the people in nursing homes as well as joy to the lives of his adopted family.  Greyhounds make particularly good PAT dogs so if you would like to learn more about it please visit   http://www.petsastherapy.org/






Here's Ellie who was so very shy that it was difficult to even say hello to her.  PRG knew that with the right family she would blossom and luckily for Ellie she didn't have to wait very long.  She was adopted by Gary and Sandra who are thrilled by how well she has come out of her shell.  She now loves her cuddles from her forever family and just to make sure she doesn't get out of shape, her main hobby is chasing squirrels.  We'll let you know if she manages to climb a tree.





 Meet Rex who was adopted by Ashlea and Darren in April 2011.  As you can see, it didn't take Rex any time at all to settle down and blend in with his new surrounding.  He's quite right in his belief that disguising himself as a large cushion will secure his place on the sofa.




Meet Bear and Cindy.  Cindy never raced at all, she didn't like it and so she went home with Charis, Paul, Alex and their 5 cats.  Charis and Paul also owned Bear when he was racing, but when the Portsmouth Stadium closed down, Bear went into early retirement and exchanged the traps for a sofa.  Of course it took him a little time to work out that cats have sharp claws and that his nose was quite vulnerable.  But now they all live happily together and are keen supporters of Portsmouth Football Club (well somebody's got to do it I suppose) 



Here are Suzie and Maisie who were adopted together not long before Portsmouth Greyhound Stadium closed.  Both these girls had 'issues', Maisie was very anxious around strangers but behaved like a bit of a hooligan when she was racing.  Suzie was a real, general hooligan and handful.  These issues would have them difficult to rehome individually, let alone together.  But somebody very special came along and Suzie and Maisie went to their forever home.  Maisie became a changed character within no time, bearing hardly any resemblance to the racing dog she once was.  Suzie re-arranged the kitchen so that it was more to her liking, and moved things that she particularly like into her bed.  She's still very 'lively' but is full of fun and thoroughly enjoying her life in retirement.  These two lucky girls are living proof that dogs with 'issues' can make wonderful pets and companions.





 This is Stella and Murphy who were adopted together by Dave and Tina.  Murphy is the handsome chap enjoying being groomed whilst he checks his own nose for imperfections.  Stella is the quiet looking girl waiting patiently for her turn with the brush.  Dave and Tina say that Murphy is a loveable rogue who enjoys cuddles and stealing food.  Stella was very difficult to handle around other breeds of dogs, but with patience, love and time she's getting better and better all the time.





This is Sam, two weeks after he was adopted by Lynne and her husband.  He went for a nice walk to Southsea with an RGT walk but was far happier to be with his new forever Mum and Dad than mixing with the other greyhounds and obviously considers his soft toy a perfect companion for the night times.




Meet the very laid back Patch.  Patch selected her servant Callum in 2007 and very quickly had him trained to provide for her every need.  Now she tell him when she need to go for a walk, and Callum takes her, she tells him when she wants her dinner, and Callum provides it,she tells Callum when she wants a cuddle, and Callum provides that as well. Then she told Callum to email her photos for inclusion in this gallery.  Well done Patch all the other greyhounds are wondering if you give lessons in human communication.




Here's Gracie who was adopted by Donna back in 2003.  She's loved more and more with every day that passes.  Amongst Gracie's loves are; being cuddled by Donna, going for her walks, being cuddled by Donna, playing with her friends, and of course, being cuddled by Donna.  Donna says that Gracie has a wonderful 'dinner dance' that she does to encourage the speeding up of her dinner.  Then of course she has to lie down and have a little rest and a cuddle.




Here's Pixie who was adopted by Mel soon after Portsmouth Greyhound Stadium closed in March 2010.  She's a tiny little greyhound with a huge personality and soon won the hearts of her adopted family and their FOUR other dogs.  In these photos she's showing us how to have a grand day out and then how to relax afterwards.




Kahn was another lucky chap who was adopted just after the Portsmouth stadium closed.  His adopted family, Marek and Suzanne, fell in love with him on sight.  Old Harriett the terrier and his new housemate soon developed a new lease of life and soon showed Khan how to get in touch with his 'inner terrier'.  Within no time he was foraging for discarded hamburgers and other tasty morsels.  Marek and Suzanne both say that black is definitely the best colour for a greyhound.  They call him 'Mr Silky' because he's so gleaming and shiny.  Retirement definitely suits Khan!




Meet Donald and Pippa who both live with Liz and Michael.  Donald moved in in 2005 and was very pleased in 2008 when Pippa moved in.  Donald is the laid back chap on the sofa and Pippa is the one proving just how dangerous she is to a fur fabric bunny.




This is Joe, speeding his way long the beach on the Isle of Wight where he's lived with Margaret since 2006.  Joe is living proof that a retired greyhound can get on with anyone.  He's lovely with small dogs, cats and children. (no jokes that he might love them but he couldn't eat more than one)            




If you read further down this page you will probably think you are experiencing deja vue.  This is Timmy who looks just like his slightly bigger brother, Baloo.  He was adopted by Dave and Sue in September 08 and since then has lived in High Wycombe.........BUT........Timmy is in for a real treat,  His family will be moving to Gosport in March 2010.  Timmy has already made some greyhound pals in Gosport.  He's met Willow, Ebony, Minnie and Arthur but an even better surprise is in store for him.  Dave and Sue have been in touch with Baloo's family and the brother's are going to have a reunion so with a bit of luck a photo of the two of them together will appear on this page.  And just in case you're wondering why Timmy looks so guilty in the first of the photos, it's because he's not really allowed on the furniture and had sneaked up on the sofa when he though nobody was looking.





Meet Emmy who's showing us just how well a greyhound can pose when she wants to look coy - doesn't she look beautiful?  She's also showing us just how chilled out a greyhound can be when she's finished playing with her whippet/bedlington lurcher pal.  She's probably worn out as her little friend is only seven months old.  Emmy has lived with Jane since December 2006 and nobody could imagine her living anywhere else.
Here's Queenie who has lived with Belinda-Jane and John in Gosport since 2004.  Here she is posing beautifully for the camera, Queenie loves to look beautiful and offering her a little treat helps her to look even more adorable.  Despite her serene looks, she has a nickname - 'Tigger'.  I wonder why.
Arther has lived with Barry and Gill in Gosport since the beginning of 2009 where he really enjoys the good life.  He has a wonderful array of fashion items - note the personalised coat, and his very own treat cupboard - also personalised!   Here he is trying very hard to enjoy the snow but obviously he's not too sure of it, he couldn't wait to get home and settle down in front of the fire.  Arthur is a frequent visitor to Stoke's Bay in Gosport where he has made loads of greyhound pals.





Here's the beautiful Honey who wasn't at PRG for long before she was adopted by Dave and Jenny who realised that no home is complete without a greyhound in it.  They said that they can't imagine life without her and obviously Honey cannot imagine life without having prime position in front of the fire.




This is Elfie who is so handsome that he'd scarcely picked up his last trophy for racing when he was adopted by Molly's family (see below)  When he been in his new home only a matter of a few days, he was taken to the Great Greyhound Gathering in Nottingham and won second prize in The Most Handsome Greyhound Dog category.  Of course the only thing that Elfie thought about this was, why hadn't he won first prize?  A question that many of us were asking ourselves.  He's going again next year!!




Here's one to warm the cockles of your heart.........remember Baloo?  He's the one that was overlooked time and time again.  Well here he is in his new life.


And here's what his new family, Marc and Tracy have said about him........

Hello, attached are a few pictures of Baloo who we adopted 2 months ago, we thought you may like to put a couple of pictures on the adopted section of your website!  (I thought we should have all four of them on the site)
Although it has only been 2 months it already feels like Baloo has been with us forever, from the day we brought him home he just seemed to settle right in - from eating us out of house and home to totally dominating our couch!
He is such a lovable character with a big heart and if we're not careful a tummy to match!
He loves his walks in the country and cuddles on the couch we can't believe he was overlooked for so long, we're so grateful to PRG for giving us the opportunity to have him in our lives, we now don't know what we would do without him!
Thank You
Marc & Tracy


Meet Peggy, she never raced because she has a bad leg so this lucky girl went into very early retirement with John and Paula.  Peggy is loved by everyone in the family, except the cat!  Having a bad leg didn't stop Peggy winning a rosette in the Best Retired Greyhound show at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park (please see Events and Fundraising)



This is Boris who saw no point whatsoever in racing.  He liked going down to the race track though because there were so many people there to pay him attention and give him cuddles.  Now he lives with Jim and Mary who give him all the cuddles he could possibly want, and that's a lot of cuddles.  He's happy going for long walks with Jim and rearranging his new house.  He likes to tidy up the remote controls, the phones and the soft furnishing.





Here's the beautiful Nuala.  Nuala's a really lucky girl.  She had to come back to PRG after a bereavement in her family, but she was lucky enough to be spotted by Sally, Gary and Patric who just couldn't live without a greyhound after the tragic death of their beloved Betsy (see below)  She settled in very quickly after a little bit of initial nervousness, being nervous didn't stop her going to have a little nap on Sally's bed the first time she was left on her own!  Now she's sporting what must be the poshest greyhound collars in the whole of Hampshire.




Here's a girl who knows how to appreciate the good life.  Here's what her new family have to say about her.......................

Hello there, We adopted Molly from Portsmouth retired greyhounds about a month ago, She's the most wonderful and loving girl that we could have wished for, and very beautiful to boot!  She adores her walks, playing in the garden with the children (especially jumping in their paddling pool) she's made our home complete :) thank you to everyone at PRG for letting us give a home to wonderful Molly xx




Heidi really didn't like racing, but she was lucky enough to be adopted by Val in Gosport.  She's lived with her since the end of 2007 and is a very happy girl indeed.  This is a photo of her going off for her walk to the beach.



Petra was adopted by Mark and his family in February 2007 and all were thrilled by how affectionate she is and how much she loves her cuddles.  Mark describes her as 'delightful' and soon realised that it made perfect sense to adopt another one, so that's exactly what the family did!  Now Merlin has joined the family.  Lucky Petra, lucky Merlin, lucky family.



This is cuddly Vanda who so much likes a fuss being made of her and now she's got her own family to fuss and cuddle her.  She's gone to live in West Sussex with her new friend Juve.  Juve lost his previous pal and was left feeling very lonely so the arrival of Vanda has put a new spring in his step.  They were playing together in the garden within days of her arrival.  Of course Vanda decided that she should have Juve's bed and nothing was going to stop her.  She's settled down beautifully after she inspected the bins for anything tasty but she's settled for Pedigree dog food, Winalot shapes and yorkshire pudding.





Meet Eileen, showing off her bed, her blankets and her favourite toys, not to mention her showing us just how beautiful and shiny a black greyhound can be!  Eileen has lived with Lee and Becky in Surrey since September 2008 and is obviously very happy with her billet.




Betsy was taken home to live with Sally, Gary and Patric in February 07.  She was loved as much as it is possible to love a pet, a friend, a playmate and companion.  Of course she lived up to the warnings that she was an incorrigible food thief and would sneak off with anything that wasn't closely watched.  Despite her great love of food and her willingness to steal things that belonged to other people, she kept her slimline physique, leading to her nickname of 'Fatty'.  Like so many greyhounds, she loved her bed and would spend her spare time sleeping and dreaming of the next time she would go for a walk.  But she was always ready to spring into action for a trip to the park to see her friends and let the local children make a fuss of her.  Despite her appearing to be in the peak of health and never having had any sickness since the family had taken her home, she was taken seriously ill on Saturday 11th April 09.   The emergency vet did everything possible for her but sadly she passed away in the early hours of the morning.  As Sally said, she was so young and she had lived with them for only 2 years and they feel robbed of her.  But Sally, Gary and Patric gave a huge gift to Betsy - the gift of a wonderful loving home.                         RIP Betsy   April 02 - April 09





Here's Daisy who went to live with Shirley and John on the Isle of Wight.  She's lived in the lap of luxury since November 2004 and is visited every month by the handsome Ralf Schauzer.  Mind you, how could Ralf resist that beautiful nose?





This is Sophie who has lived with Janine and Rob since October 2007.  She is the love of their lives and has obviously landed on her paws.  As you can see, she's thoroughly enjoying the good life.  (Who could resist that nose?)




This is Jim, he didn't come from PRG, but he's got lots of friends who did!




Minnie with her new best pal Mickey, the three legged jack russell.  Minnie is 4 years old and was adopted in August 08 by Pete and Jayne.  She is now living happily in Gosport and thoroughly enjoys her daily walks to the beach.