There are some greyhounds that it is very difficult to find loving homes for. These lovely dogs continue to be loved and cared for by the team at PRG. This page is for the greyhound that cannot find homes and the people who cannot adopt one.

Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds will never put healthy dog to sleep.  But sometimes healthy dogs cannot be adopted.  It may be because they have grown too old, or they may be too anxious when taken away from the kennel that they think of as home.  But these dear old lads and lasses still need love and affection and sometimes extra care and veterinary costs as they get older.  There is a small army of volunteers who come up to the kennel whenever they can to take the dogs out for walks.  These volunteers give something beyond value to the dogs.  And of course it's nice to have a special relationship with a dog even if you can't take it home.  Sponsorship is a way if creating and building a special relationship with a dog. 









Classy wasn't a younster when he came into the kennel but he's such a good looking lad we were sure that he would catch somebody's eye.  However nobody really fell for him so he's here to stay.  Classy loves visitors and going for local walks.




Spacer came into kennels a few years ago and we were hopeful that he would find a home, but it wasn't to be.  Of course he's very happy in the kennels, after all, it's his home and he'll have his home with us for as long as he lives.  Spacer loves to have visitors and loves to go for a local walk.







Libby has been with us for quite a while.  She really doesn't take to any other breed of dog which would make her very difficult to home, after all, people who adopt dogs really do like taking them to the park to see other dogs.  After much thought it was decided that as she's so happy at the kennel she should stay.  So she's joined our sponsor dog page.   If you would like to sponsor Libby then please see the details at the bottom of this page.





If you are interested in sponsoring one of our dogs then please email

Sponsorship is £60 per year and that will help pay towards everything that makes your chosen dog's life at PRG happy.  You will receive a quarterly letter from your dog with a photo, a Christmas card and birthday card (if you let us know when your birthday is).  If you want to sponsor a dog as a gift for somebody else, please let us know.