Some of the points that people frequently wish to find out about when they're considering adopting a greyhound.


Here are some of the good points.


Greyhounds make great pets!

The are very affectionate and thrive on company both canine and human

They can live with and get on easily with other dogs.

Greyhounds can even get on with cats.

They are lazy and enjoy sleeping on the sofa.They are more than happy with two or three short walks a day



Their life in kennels and being handled a lot make them quite compliant and easy going.

They are really easy to feed and will eat almost anything put down for them.     

·     Wearing a muzzle whilst out and about is no problem for the dogs, they are used to it and think no more of wearing a muzzle than wearing a collar. It's a sensible precaution until you're sure of the temperament of your dog. A muzzle can also be worn indoors whilst your greyhound gets used to living with children, dogs or cats. You will be provided with a muzzle and advice on its use.

·       Many people prefer to adopt bitches but in reality there is little difference in temperament between dogs and bitches. The only obvious difference is that dog are usually bigger than bitches.

·        Your greyhound will already be inoculated and you are asked to keep the inoculations up to date. 

·        Your greyhound will probably have been spayed or neutered. If that hasn't already been done, then we ask, that you have this done as soon as is practicable after consultation with your vet.

As we are trying to keep a balance, here are some of the not so good points                               




A few greyhounds will consider small dogs and cats are something to chase and catch.

·        They will eat things that aren't put down for them, like your dinner if it's left unattended.



Their life in kennels means they aren't used to being on their own and,  until they're used to it, can become very anxious if they're left alone.


If you already own a small dog or a cat, please contact us for advice, we will do everything we can to help. Some rehoming centres have cats living around them and so the greyhounds may get used to seeing them, that isn't the case with Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds and so we cannot 'cat test'. 

And finally in this section, 'a University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine study by the Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society has found that the much maligned greyhound is rated the most docile or least aggressive canine by breed.'
(Australian Racing Greyound)