Somewhere for us to remember our dogs who are at the rainbow bridge.

Many of us who use facebook regularly will be familiar with the delightful and entertaining character Jack Alford.  We were kept up to date on his adventures, triumphs and tribulations by his loving mummies, Kelly and Debbie, also known as Mummy K and Mummy D. 

Jack was their first greyhound and was adopted from a kennel in Kent but thanks to facebook Jack made lots of dog and human friends who were connected with Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds.  Jack even came to stay with us for his holidays and had a whale of a time with the walkers.

Sadly he developed an incurable illness and despite the best of care and attention, in October last year Jack left his loving Mummies to join some of his pals at the Rainbow Bridge.   A few days after he left, Kelly and Debbie came to the kennel to drop some of his coats and leads off but whilst they were there, their love of greyhounds overtook them and they went away with one of our longstanding residents - Jack.

Whilst Jack II will never take the place of Jack, he very quickly created his own space in Kelly and Debbie's hearts and lives.  So the Jack Alford facebook story continues.

Kelly and Debbie dearly wanted something to remember Jack by, that would also help to raise money for the kennels, so the star pole memorial idea was created.  It was quite a while in the making because we all wanted it to be just right.



Kelly and Debbie unveiling the Memorial




      Debbie putting the first star in place           Kelly adding to the constellation




This is just the beginning............


Hardly had the unveiling taken place when Jack's Mummies were overwhelmed by people wanting to remember their Rainbow Bridge hounds by buying a star for the pole.  We've just bought another pole to accommodate all the stars and plans are already afoot to build a memorial garden around the poles.  Kelly, Debbie and everyone at the kennel want it to be a little place of joy as a tribute to the dogs that have brought us such joy.

If you would like to add your dog's star to the memorial then all you have to do is make a paypal (gift) payment of £10 to the paypal email address -  ALL the money collected will be going to the kennel.  Don't forget to write the name of your Rainbow Bridge dog on the paypal message.  If you can't use paypal then send a cheque made payable to 'GREYHOUND RESCUE' and post it to J CONWAY, 40 PELHAM ROAD, GOSPORT, HAMPSHIRE PO12 3NX

This page will be updated as the stars are added.