BLACK GREYHOUNDS - A little story.

I have been thinking for a long time about how to promote black greyhounds as pets.  Some people reading this will need no persuasion at all to adopt a black dog, you already know how beautiful they are, I know how beautiful they are, everyone at the kennel knows how beautiful they are.  But still they tend to hang around in kennels being overlooked time after time.

I couldn't think what to say to promote them so I thought that the best thing to do was to tell the story of us adopting our first greyhound.

 Even though we had already adopted two terriers from Portsmouth dog pound I still hankered after a greyhound.  I had no idea how to find one until I saw the RGT notice board at the Portsmouth Greyhound Stadium and serreptitiously made a note Liz Redpath's phone number.  After about 18 months of pestering my husband finally gave in and said we could adopt one if the right one was there for us. 

It never crossed my mind that the greyhound we would adopt would be any other colour than black.  I knew what it was going to be like, black with a wagging tail and perked ears, it was going to be pleased to see me and everything was going to be perfect.  I rang Liz, explained that we had small dogs and made an appointment to go and see a dog that she said would probably be suitable. 

My husband was working away and so I set off on my own to visit my black greyhound with the perked ears and wagging tail.  I found Liz busy in the kennel block but she broke off to go and get my black dog.  She came back with a white and brindle dog and my heart sank.  I put my hand out to say hello and the dog shrank away from me.  There was no wagging tail or perked ears.  As bitterly disappointed as I was I knew that if I turned away and didn't bother trying to get to know this dog then I wasn't fit to have a greyhound, after all, beauty and blackness is only fur and skin deep.  Liz told me the dog's name was Minnie and asked me if I would like to take her for a walk.  I took her for a little walk and tried to tell myself that she may not be black or look pleased to see me but she didn't know me and that would surely change after I took her home. 

I visited Minnie again and the next time I took the terriers with me.  Minnie bounced at one of them and Liz told her off, so did the terrier!  I took all three of them for a walk and Liz had said that she may have popped out by the time I got back and if she wasn't there could I just pop her in one of the transport cages in the van where she wouldn't have to wait for long.  When I got back and put her in the transporter she turned and looked at me.  Her beautiful hazel eyes melted my heart at that point.

It took quite a long time for Minnie's tail to wag routinely and for her ears to be perked and for her to be really pleased to see me but now that's routine.  After 4 years of her living with us she is truly the love of my life.

So what's this got to do with adopting black greyhounds?  Well, it's a story of someone who desperately wanted a particular colour and temperament and got something completely different.  But that completely different dog turned out to be just right, the perfect dog.

So if you've got your heart set upon the striking brindle or blue dog because they're so eye catching, remember that your perfect dog may be the black, easy to miss dog that you just walked past.

Incidentally, we've now got a black greyhound as well.  Happy families.