Here are our lovely dogs. 

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Many of the dogs that you see on this page will have the comments that they are not good with small dogs or cats. Please don't be put off by this. Whilst many dogs (of any breed) will never be particularly good with cats, greyhounds can usually be taught to be well mannered around smaller dogs.

Greyhounds have usually only been around other greyhounds and many have never seen another breed of dog, so it can take them a little while to work out that dogs come in all shapes and sizes and that something smaller than them that is running around the park really isn't a rabbit. I have two greyhounds at home that both had very high chase instincts when they came home. One of them is now used as a 'stooge' dog for a dog behaviourist when she is working with nervous or antisocial dogs. This is because he is now so calm around other dogs. The other dog still has a fairly high chase instinct but still lives happily with our other dog - a three legged Jack Russell terrier.

                                                   MO 20/11/07


Mo has now been partially assessed.  He has been introduced to a small dog and he was undoubtedly keen but the good news is that he could be distracted by treats.  A dog that can be distracted like that can be trained.  We are sure that he'll make a lovely pet for someone prepared to do some training work with him.


    DI 1/5/08


Di is a beautiful 5 year old girl who would make a lovely pet.  She failed both her small dog and cat test but she may be OK to live with a larger dog or another greyhounds.



     JACKO 17/5/10 


Jacko came in some time ago with Foxy, his sister.  We were hoping that somebody would like this brother and sister team but sadly it wasn't to be.  Foxy has gone to her loving home but Jacko is still waiting.


                DJ 1/10/10


 DJ is not good with cats or small dogs.




     FLASH Sept 09


Flash is not good with cats or small dogs.



                      DAZZLER 21/10/10


Dazzler is not good with cats or small dogs. 



    LORI  7/1/12


Lori hasn't been small dog tested yet but she is not good with cats.



    OLLIE  May 09



    ROO 5/5/06


Roo is not good with cats or small dogs. 



       SHADOW 17/3/10





    TEXAS 1/11/10



 PADDY 2008





      Johnson (JJ) May 2012


Johnson is a really stunning looking dog.  He's quite energetic and needs firm but gentle handling.  We're confident that he will make someone a beautiful pet. He hasn't been small dog or cat tested yet.  I took him for a walk a little while ago when he was retired but still in the race kennel, he met a couple of other dogs and whilst he was interested in what they were, he was obviously trainable.


   Clark 18/1/13

             Clark has not yet been small dog or cat tested.


                                 Cofi 24/10/10

             Cofi has not yet been small dog or cat tested.



               Harry 6/10/2011

             Harry has not yet been small dog or cat tested.


       Jemma 1/9/11

            Jemma has not yet been small dog or cat tested.





                Milly 4/11/2011

                      Milly has not yet been small dog or cat tested.


Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds will always board your greyhound when you go away on holiday.  It will give him or her a chance to catch up on old friends and have a gossip.